Two years on – OMB Communications

Today marks an important day for me and OMB Communications. It is the second anniversary of the business. On this day in 2011 a dream came to fruition. I was finally in control of a business - my own business. The dream began many years ago. In fact it wasn’t the first time I’d run... Continue Reading →


A targeted world

Public Relations professionals need to be more targeted in their approach to proactive media announcements instead of spamming journalists who are not necessarily relevant or interested in the subject matter.

Poacher turned game-keeper

Is it just me or are more journalists than ever taking the age-old route of moving from journalism and into the realms of media and public relations? In recent months there appears to have been more headlines in the PR industry news about senior media execs and middle-ranking journalists either being head-hunted or just simply... Continue Reading →

We have the co-ordinates is reportedly about to team up with geolocation/social media site, FourSquare, to target and pull new readers over its paywall. The innovative move will see the online channel of the FT, which is one of the only major media outlets to successfully harness a paywall to date, offering free access to a few lucky FourSquare users who... Continue Reading →

Paid for content – is it compelling?

Newspaper proprietors and publishers are looking for any way to commercialize their online channels - and paid for content is one avenue they are actively pursuing. As I write this post, Rupert Murdoch is said to be in discussions with Microsoft about how his News Corporation and News International companies can work with Microsoft to... Continue Reading →

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