Too windy for UAV filming, so here’s the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro initial test

I had wanted to take the UAV to the skies over the weekend to produce a quick Vlog on Youtube showing the local countryside and the flooding as a result of the constant, heavy rain in recent days. Unfortunately, Storm Gertrude got in the way and it was too windy to let the Phantom rise.... Continue Reading →


Hashtags and dashcams

Okay, so I like gadgets and have a habit of always wanting to experiment with the latest bit of tech that's relevant to my work or personal enjoyment. My Facebook and YouTube feeds have been full of clips of incidents and such like taken from vehicle dashcams. Now, the video element of a dashcam I... Continue Reading →

Getting back to broadcast

Sometime ago I used to dabble a lot more in vlogs and podcasts. While I still do a bit with my comms and journalism hat on, for some reason I felt a bit embarrassed about my personal work and deleted most sites and work. Looking back that was a bit stupid. But in recent months... Continue Reading →

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