Too windy for UAV filming, so here’s the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro initial test

I had wanted to take the UAV to the skies over the weekend to produce a quick Vlog on Youtube showing the local countryside and the flooding as a result of the constant, heavy rain in recent days. Unfortunately, Storm Gertrude got in the way and it was too windy to let the Phantom rise.... Continue Reading →


Don’t drop Foursquare

Location-based social media has rapidly taken off over the past two years - just look at Foursquare. Now it's the turn of Facebook to enter the fray. But just hours after Facebook named its 'Places' at a news conference, many have been sounding the demise of Foursquare and other location-based channels  - not me. Why?... Continue Reading →

Foursquare’s locating its own feet

For a business that started just over 12 months ago to be valued at £63.65 million today is a phenomenal achievement. What's more bizarre is the fact that the business as it stands does not actually have a substantial income stream as such. Foursquare, the location-based social media network has raised £13.4 million ($20 million)... Continue Reading →

Back to the wireless

There was a key announcement yesterday that I don't think received the coverage or comment it deserved. No, it wasn't the latest iPhone 4. It was the latest funding round secured and completed by UK-based AudioBoo, the company behind the web and mobile audio platform. I only picked up on the financial announcement late yesterday... Continue Reading →

Do iNeed an iPad

So the much-anticipated Apple iPad is being dispatched to UK buyers this week. But is this first incarceration of the device going to really hit all the buttons to the majority of "professional" Apple users and devotees? I'm a Mac user both professionally and personally and, as with everyone else, find the technology one of... Continue Reading →

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