Invest in PR now – and grow out of the recession

There are signs that the economy is doing better than most commentators, analysts and politicians had thought, following fears of a potential double-dip recession. "Britain's economy grew twice as fast as expected in the third quarter of this year, easing fears the recovery is faltering and dimming the chance of more quantitative easing from the... Continue Reading →


The Ryder Cup – It’s not just a load of balls

One of the world's top sporting events came to an end today - albeit one day overdue. The Ryder Cup is often described as the pinnacle of the golfing world calendar - an event that surpasses all others. Wales had the honour of hosting the event at Sir Terry Matthews' Celtic Manor Resort near Newport... Continue Reading →

Foursquare’s locating its own feet

For a business that started just over 12 months ago to be valued at £63.65 million today is a phenomenal achievement. What's more bizarre is the fact that the business as it stands does not actually have a substantial income stream as such. Foursquare, the location-based social media network has raised £13.4 million ($20 million)... Continue Reading →

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