Audio is a priority. So what’s the Rode NT-USB like?

I’ve mentioned in a previous post the fact that I’m getting back into producing some vlogs and podcasts from a personal perspective.

It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, although the bulk of my personal works has never seen the light of YouTube, Vimeo, AudioBoom or Soundcloud.

IMG_7470Why? Well I always have this hang up that while I work in communications, journalism and PR, talking about or promoting other people and things, my own personal aspects on life aren’t really that interesting for other people.

I always look enviously at other vlogs and listen avidly to many podcasts by others, not necessarily in my field, but who interest me.

I guess my problem is that I don’t have one defining area of my life that I can put into one channel. Most vloggers, bloggers and podcasters have a specific theme that people want to see or listen to.

I have many hobbies and interests, but not one defining one that I believe I can specialise in and talk confidently or expertly about.

And so that’s why I tend to focus on my general life and work. There’s no set theme or structure. Much like this blog. My focus is on me, as a person who lives and works in rural Wales and I like to talk about elements of that life, with a sprinkling of tech, PR, journalism and so forth.

And so the reason for this post. I’m updating my audio kit for professional and personal use. In the past I’ve relied on conventional audio recording equipment mixed with filming on Nikon DSLRs.

I’m still using the Nikons. But I’m moving over to Rode microphones and audio kit. I’ve had a Rode mic for the Nikons for a couple of years. After checking out some reviews I added a couple more – reviews to follow – and currently have a range for different scenarios; from interviews to soundtracks, voiceovers to outdoors.

Needless to say I’ve been impressed with them all. The other day my new Rode NT-USB arrived. Now, I’ve only just taken it out of the box and haven’t really used it. But below is a quick vlog on my very initial thoughts. And I mean very initial.

I’m planning to use this as my main desk microphone for podcasts and video voiceovers. I’ve been using the Yeti Blue up until now and while I still rate that USB mic highly, my initial feeling is that the Rode NT-USB has a better sound quality to it.

But that’ll come out in the full review I plan to put up in the next week or so.

I’m also seriously considering taking the Rode NT-USB into my kit bag. I wouldn’t normally take such a microphone out with me to jobs, but I think it might be good hooked up with the MacBook Pro.

I’ll let you now.

You can check out my AudioBoom channel at or Soundcloud at




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