Hashtags and dashcams

Okay, so I like gadgets and have a habit of always wanting to experiment with the latest bit of tech that’s relevant to my work or personal enjoyment.

My Facebook and YouTube feeds have been full of clips of incidents and such like taken from vehicle dashcams. Now, the video element of a dashcam I like, not from the perspective of road safety, but just the abundance of potential material it provides.

Me, the van and dashcam

If you follow my Twitter account you’ll have seen a snapshot of a journey through my local market town following a hunt – horses and hounds.

It was only a small snippet, but the HD resolution and the fact it was different (they were wandering through a town centre) made it interesting.

But it did get me thinking. These dashcams are actually quite good for keeping you safe as well. Well, monitoring your driving and that of others. So I guess they do have a reason 😉

Yes, after purchasing the Next Base 420G I soon realised that you can get cheaper driving insurance and after a near miss with someone pulling out in front of me while driving, I soon realised that if we had struck each other I would have high quality video evidence of the incident.

So no need for a lame knock-for-knock from the lazy insurers and proof that the other driver was at fault – no claims protected.

On the other hand, if I’m at fault, then it will also place me in the firing line. But I guess that’s a risk you have to take.

The fact the Next Base 420G records speed and GPS is an added benefit. Okay, it makes me think more about what speed I’m doing in a 30mph or 40mphs zone because I know it’s recording it and if anything happens, well…..

So I put together a very quick and rough Vlog review of the device with some examples. See what you think and hopefully it’ll get you thinking about your driving – as well as the great video content.


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