Wet and windy. Oh yes, it’s a triathlon.

I’m getting back into fitness. That’s running, weights and cycling in the main. And I’m finding that there’s a great opportunity to combine my return to training with my writing and photographic work.

Louise Minchin, BBC Breakfast presenter and triathlete at the Cerist Triathlon, Machynlleth.
Louise Minchin, BBC Breakfast presenter and triathlete at the Cerist Triathlon, Machynlleth.

My only problem at the moment is that the majority of the “work” element means I cannot compete. I need to be in the field finding stories, people and the shots I want.

Okay, that’s a lame excuse. I could just strap the GoPro to my chest or helmet and fire off some action shots.

But, no. If you attend a sporting event there’s always a good mix of people, characters and stories. And so my ability to compete is overtaken by the longing to delve into the stories at the event. Oh, and when it comes to triathlons, my swimming isn’t great and so I use that card not take part.

Saying that, I think I’ve now found a swimming partner to take one third of the place on the next triathlon.

Anyway, I detract. On Sunday I attended the Cerist Triathlon, known as the Dyfi Dash, with my partner and a good friend who’s undertaken a few triathlons.

I enjoy the atmosphere of a triathlon. They are always friendly affairs with a great group of people all with one common purpose; to enjoy, to compete and to support others.

The Cerist Triathlon is no different. It’s much smaller than many others, but its intimacy make it an even more special event.

As usual I had the DLSR out to capture the atmosphere and the environment as well as the video for possible snapshots for later use.

Once again there was plenty to capture and I’ll publish some of these photographs soon.

My one surprise was meeting BBC Breakfast presenter and triathlete Louise Minchin. She was taking part in the event as part of her adventure into triathlons.

I’m lucky, or unlucky enough to say I was nearly struck by her helmet at the cycling to running transition after she forgot to take her helmet off and instead threw it to there ground passed my head.

But that didn’t put her off and she was the fastest woman at the event.

I’m looking forward to sharing some more images from the race, but I can’t let Louise escape the deserved praise of smiling through what is a tough event for many.


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