Is internal use of social media distracting or valuable?

This is my response to an article on Reputation Online about the use of social media by companies internally. You can read the full post by Vikki Chowney ( @vikkichowney ) here. It’s an interesting take on the evolution of social media from within a business to the “live” outside world and how getting staff involved and comfortable with social media can, actually, be more beneficial when it comes to launching a social media strategy.

“IBM’s internal social media philosophy appears to be a good one and demonstrates how a company (okay IBM is vast) can integrate its staff through such a channel without the usual and more static intranets. It’s next move will be to go live in terms of a company interacting with the outside world with a corporate face – but on its terms and using its soon-to-be social media savvy staff as the critical interaction points. Okay, this is a different beast compared to internal social media, but if a company can ensure everyone understands social media while locking it down internally, then it has a better chance of using it successfully out there in the big world.

As for PR firms advising clients on social media, well you are right again. An agency needs to ensure it already has internal skills before preaching its perceived values to a client. There are several live cases out there where I’m sure this is the case.”


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